Our Team


Sherry Dolen


Ph: 209.740.7390

Email: sherrydolen@gmail.com


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Belinda Mills


Ph: 209.747.4177

Email: belinda.mills21@gmail.com


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Jeff Kihlthau


Ph: 209.969.5030



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George Castillano


Ph: 209.642.5711

Email: georgiecastillano@gmail.com


CalBre # 01964443

  • Have over 23 years of combined Real Estate experience

  • Work extensively with numerous direct VA lenders

  • Over come many of the hurdles that VA loans face - eg appraisals, repair conditions etc

  • Help Veterans who are missing paperwork by assisting them with retrieving the paperworkl needed to apply for VA home loan

  • Special addaptive housing grant (if qualify)

  • We have builders and contractors that can work with special adaptive housing grants and the VA disibility guidelines to make the houses compliant for the VA buyer (need to qualify for these grants)